Does positivity lead to achievement?

Motivation is a driving force behind any action, willingness, and targets achieved. Motivation is also derived from the Latin term, motivation, an urge which needs gratification. All these needs, wishes or desires may be private or general, usually acquired through influences of society, culture, encompassing, or may be generally innate. In short, motivation is a mental attitude toward specific goals.

According to some specialists, lack of motivation is among the causes why people face difficulty in reaching their goals. One of those causes is insufficient psychological perspective or absence of motivation. There is also the opposite effect of motivation - being highly motivated. On the other hand, some people do not take action deliberately and thus never reach their targets. Such people are called procrastinators. Procrastination is also defined as inability to plan, organize, control, focus, and concentrate.

Motivational theories, on the other hand, explain motivation concerning cognitions, emotions, attitudes, beliefs, patterns of behaviour and objectives, which are subsequently motivated by different additional things. Motivational theories hold that motivation is a complex procedure and that it changes according to the cognitions, emotions, attitudes, beliefs, patterns of behaviour, and objectives that inspire someone. A person's cognitions, emotions, attitudes, beliefs, patterns of behaviour, and goals are personal and subjective. However, these cognitions and attitudes have been influenced by the environment, the part of other folks, motivation within others' lifestyles, and also the motivation of the self.

Motivational theories and motivational environments, but are not at all similar. For instance, although it is true that we all have various Motives, which are personal and subjective, so they are not identical. Though some of them may overlap, there are strong differences. This means that we have to locate our own Motives that motivate us. These can include the feeling of accomplishment, the pride we feel when we do a good job, or the feeling of motivation and energy which can be derived from doing a fantastic job.

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